Air Conditioner Repair in Redmond, Oregon

Air Conditioner Repair

The technicians at Redmond Heating and Air have experience with all types and brands of air conditioning systems. We can be there for you in the chance of an emergency! We also charge by the job, not the hour, so there is never an overtime charge. When you choose to work with Redmond Heating and Air, you choose to get the repair done right the first time. We guarantee satisfaction.

Common AC Problems

While there are a handful of issues which could come up regarding your AC unit, here are a couple of the most common:
– Air conditioner won’t come on
– Weird noises or vibrating occur during operation or start up
– Warm air is exiting the supply registers
– The unit hums, but the fan won’t turn on
– the compressor isn’t working
– Water is pooling around the AC unit

Redmond Heating and Air is Here for You!

While it is often easy to identify what’s happening to your air conditioning system, the more difficult part is finding the solution. No worries! The team here at Redmond Heating and Air is here to help you during the worst of situations.

No power to the air conditioner?
This could be due to a faulty wiring, a tripped breaker or an overheated AC unit. Our technicians will fix the wiring, reset the circuit breaker and make sure no vegetation is blocking airflow into your unit.

There is a refrigerant leak.
If you hear your AC unit hissing, the refrigerant may be leaking. Not only is this bad for the environment, but also can decrease efficiency. Our technicians at Redmond Heating and Air are here to recharge the system and replace tubing to prevent the leak.

While there are endless things which could go wrong with the air conditioning unit in your home, you can rest assured the team at Redmond Heating and Air cares about your comfort. Give us a call today at 541-923-9984.

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