Furnace System Maintenance in Redmond, Oregon

Furnace System Maintenance

Before winter really hits, it’s important to think about servicing your furnace. Proper maintenance will ensure your furnace is up to the task of keeping your home warm all season long. Maintaining your heater regularly will maximize performance, maintain efficiency and ensure safety. We offer a professional cleaning, adjustment and safety check that is performed on all types of heating equipment. We value peak performance, safety and reliable operation.

Maintaining your furnace will keep your energy costs low!

Want to check up on your furnace yourself? Here are some steps you can take this fall:

Check Your Vents
Any blockages to your vents will cause your furnace to run inefficiently. Be sure to check all vents in your home are clear of objects.

Check for Gas Leaks
If any connections seem damaged or worn, be sure to call a professional technician before turning on your system. If you smell gas, have your furnace checked as soon as possible.

Check Thermostat is Working
If your thermostat isn’t working it will throw off the entire system. Check to make sure everything is working as it should.

Clean Air Filter Every Two Months
Depending on your system, your air filters will need changed about once a month. We recommend changing them at the beginning of the season.

Schedule Your Yearly Tune-Up

If it’s time for your furnace to get maintenance, be sure to call Redmond Heating and Air today at 541-923-9984. Be sure to ask us about our maintenance plan as well. We care about your comfort!

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